Friday, November 4, 2011


If one personifies the various months of the year, May has to be the All-American Girl Idol for the remaining eleven with which compete. May is like an attractive young lady dressed for the prom. Like a debutante, May blossoms into the beauty that becomes summer. Amid warm spring rains and sun splashed days, May accepts extra April showers and apprentice sun beams preparing for June. In the early days of the month, May teases with a roller coaster of diverse weather. One day sun-drenched balmy days tantalize residents to display tank tops and shorts; the next day, chilled rain driven by rambunctious wind gusts convince inhabitants to reacquaint themselves with wool slacks and windbreaker jackets. Garden centers display trays of annuals and perennials in order to lure customers to purchase a flat or two for the yard. With lengthening daylight hours, birds begin their choral practice before the sun peeks above the horizon. As a treat, May arranges a few mornings to look like a down-filled, cozy comforter as fog blankets the landscape. Shortly after daylight, dawn takes control like a mom waking up her kids for school, tugs at the blanket of fog and uncovers the terrain so earth-dwellers can be on their way.

By the second week of May, the birds have the notes to their songs down pat; garden flowers face east for their morning shower of sunshine and display the richness of color, texture, size and shape. As if on cue, the season of spring presents all living things in perfect harmony enticing the birds and bees, animals and human beings of similar persuasion to celebrate new life and add to the bounty and diversity of life on Earth. Youngsters are filled with boundless energy. Adolescents start each day groggy from sleep but quickly react to hormones coursing through their body. Adults find renewed vigor to tackle household tasks and recreational activities after a full day’s work at the office or factory. And senior citizens, tempered by years of experience savor each minute with inward satisfaction of having accomplished so much during life’s journey. Drawing upon the wisdom of their years, they fully appreciate the gift of each day, and are comfortable and at peace with whom and what they are.

May is home base for Mother’s Day. A time to recognize, celebrate, and pamper the women who do so much for so many. Without question, mothers know how to deliver! . It’s the month when the status of motherhood accelerates the purchase of flowers, sweets and gifts from grateful spouses and children. May is permission month. Thirty-one days of “May, I?” People, plants, creatures and all things in nature voice a similar question: “May I prepare for summer?” “Yes, you May! The fifth month of the year gives official sanction and welcome to blue skies, warm temperatures, extended daylight and starry, moonlight nights. Single-handedly, May produces the symphony of sounds that perform throughout the daylight and nighttime hours. This annual springtime soundtrack makes music for both the ears and eyes, and sets the cadence for mind, body and spirit. In concert with these events, May arranges landscapes, terrain, and opportunity for all living things to accomplished assigned tasks, fulfill responsibilities and enjoy quiet moments of solitude or togetherness. May is the sweet elixir for the senses. Like exotic perfume, May exudes alluring scents that enrich the enjoyment of spring. Romantics of every age, stroll casually together holding hands and sharing moments to remember. May is joyful, carefree, raucous and rowdy. May is also reserved, somber, pensive and grateful. May is the month we remember those who serve in the military; and prayerfully give thanks to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their Country. May is time for birthdays, anniversaries, and all celebrations in between. Taurus and Gemini guide those who read the heaven’s placement and pattern of stars.

For school kids, May is the last full month of classes before summer vacation. May is the month of proms and parties, picnics and yearbooks, locker clean out, and year-end exams. For parents, May is the quiet before households are filled with late-sleeping, vacation-minded youngsters. For cherished colleagues, May is another opportunity to share breakfast and fellowship. May mornings are delicious. Arranged like choice menu selections, the beginning hours of May days refresh, energize, soothe, coddle, and prepare all who tend the stewardship of our earthly home. May is simply the best! I love May.

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