Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Process

Throughout our life, we are “in the process” of one thing or another. At times we are in the process of growing up—going from a child to adolescent, teenager to adult. Other times we are in the process of going to school, serving in the military, working at a job, or getting settled. As the years accumulate one notices that so many “in the process” experiences have defined our days and provided us with a reservoir of events from which we draw upon, reflect, and savor as benchmarks of life.

Not all “in the process” episodes are pleasant or enjoyable. Each one is uniquely memorable, but the price paid, and the cost incurred is, in many cases, prohibitive in endurance, energy-draining, effort-taxing and less than rewarding. We spend so much time trying to do things we think will please other people—family, friends, co-workers, colleagues and people we don’t even know. “What will the neighbors think?” Is a phrase heard many times during one’s lifetime. Often, we set aside personal wants and desires in order to do things so others will approve. Hopes and dreams are shunted in order to fulfill perceived obligations; or assumed because of guilt or outside pressure.

Each one of us can look back and recall decisions made during times of anxiety, stress and less than relaxed conditions and think about how those incidents have affected our life. We can also review occasions when choices were made that enriched and enhanced our days beyond all expectation. Such is the process of life.

During the year important “in process” occasions are noted, celebrated, and commemorated with a variety of emotion and feeling. Solemn, prayerful, joyful or jubilant we embellish these times with banquet and bounty. Together with others or alone in one’s private reverie, the emotions engendered by their remembrance comforts the heart, sustain the spirit, and nourish the soul. Recall when little moments in life unexpectedly snuck up on you and you knew immediately they would be remembered all your days: such is the Process of life. The process of love:

Chance to Opportunity

Opportunity to Turning Point

Strangers to Acquaintance,

Acquaintance to Friends,

Friends to Relationship.

Relationship to Date

Date to Going Steady,

Going steady to Engagement

Engagement to Promises

Promises to Love

Love to Marriage.

Marriage to Togetherness,

Togetherness to Oneness.

Oneness to Soul Mate

Soul mate to Everything!

Everything! to Commitment

Commitment to Wishes

Wishes to Hopes

Hopes to Dreams

Dreams to Reality

Reality to Obligation

Obligations to Priorities

Priorities to Value

Value to Time

Time to Importance

Importance to Together

Together to Divide

Divide to Promises

Promises to Priorities

Priorities to Things

Things to Importance

Importance to Excuse

Excuse to Reason

Reason to Why

Why to Whatever!



Whatever!! to What?

What? to the Elephant in the Room

What Room?

The room.

House to Home

Home to Family

Family to Children

Children to Adults

Adults to Apartment

Apartment to House

House to House

Full to Empty

Empty to Together

Together to Alone

Alone to Unimportance

Unimportance to Loneliness

Loneliness to Regrets

Regrets to Memories

Memories to Life

Life to Goodbye

Goodbye to Ashes

Ashes to Forever

Now is the time to drink the wine!

Now is the time to taste the sweetness!

Now is the time to enjoy the pleasures.

Now is the time to treasure the moments

Save the memories for winter days

One only does what is important to one

One only values what is valuable to one

One always lives and shares with others

One always dies alone


Pour the wine

Taste the Sweetness from the Vineyard

Feel the warmth of ones you love.

Savor the Nectar of Marriage

Spouse, Children, Grandchildren

Enjoy the Perfume of Love

Recall the Spring

Remember the Summer

Treasure the Bounty of Autumn

Accept the Winter

Fill each Day with Laughter


There is Love


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